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Why is it that you competitors capture a lot more traffic on their site? Look into their website and figure out what grabs their attention, while assuming a customer’s perspective – this is how I do it. When you take on the perspective of potential customers, it’s easier to identify the key features. Once you have done this all you must do it add these elements to your own pages while being congruent with your business goals and vision. Being your Wellington SEO Guy, I can create a pristine website for your business from the ground up, remake a site you currently have, make the whole thing, or discuss and work with your objectives.
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Targeted Main Page

The initial thing people look at when they go to your website should be a short overview of your company. This is called a landing page. A visitor should be able to immediately know that you sell shipping services, accounting, or organic dog food. Whatever it is that your company does should be very easy to see from the very beginning as you have very little time to capture your visitor’s attention.

Small Sections

As a result, the first page cannot give the full picture, however, your whole website should be clean and clear. Speak as if you absolutely know your visitors will click-through your sidebar links and your headings to learn more about your services and prices. Enable them to make a decision what they want to learn more about based on a good initial impact.

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Structured Data

In no cases should visitors have to search extensively to get the information: instead it should be easy for them to find. That could be contact information, a review page, a maps link, where viewers can learn about the history of your company. If potential customers have to look through too much fluff to find the information they want they will often times lose interest and not pursue it further. Images and text should make sense, which may sound like common sense, but a low-cost job looks cheap. There are a bunch of examples of websites on the internet that don’t match up.

Eye-popping Graphics

Even though information should be served up in an orderly fashion and simple to locate, it doesn’t mean the site must be plain. Enquire about attractive color palettes, attention-grabbing graphics, and others. Visitors can click on buttons more additional information or they can mouse-over them where a link becomes bigger without going to the link. This surprises the visitor and keeps them engaged if when they hover over it the icon changes. Some effective methods that I, as the Wellington SEO Guy may use in say a plant website, may be to put links in pictures of flowers that open up. Stores which sell pet food can place icons on pictures of pets whose mouths and eyes get bigger when a user hovers over with the mouse.

Interactive Media Methods

The main reasons people who buy things give preference to buying in stores rather than online is because they feel that it is risky to give credit card information online. The fears that they have may be based on not feeling sure, because they have never done it, or might have had their details stolen in the past. You can eliminate these fears. When creating a website, I use the most protected options to minimize the chance of being hacked and customers having their identity stolen. If you make them feel comfortable they will buy from your website. You can also give them additional options such as Paypal. Even though Paypal takes them to a 3rd party website, there are many shoppers that feel safer with it. Even if you feel confident that your website is secure, appease the misgivings of those less experienced online, and this could boost up your revenue.

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