Having a Solid Online Reputation

Taking Notice of Your Online Reputation

How people talk about you out in your town is important, however, there is are people out there mentioning too. As well as, you and I being a part! Past and existing customers write recommendations and reviews on their sit, make comments via social platforms, and talk poorly or positively that a ton of people can see and read through if they want to on Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and Google.

When potential customers make use of the search engines to get to know your business, what do they find?

Keeping up with your Online Reputation

As your Wellington SEO Guy, I can assist you to set up a favourable reputation online, but let’s evaluate for a second and ascertain what assistance you need. Have you previously looked into your reviews and ratings? Have you done a Google search for your company name and take a look at what is being said about you on the internet? This is the initial thing to do to see how bad or good your reputation online is.

Look Thoroughly

Firstly, do a search for the type of services you do. Don’t type in your name, though: just for the services that are similar to yours in your region. Take notes on the where you see your business as where it is located in the search (page 1, page 2, or subpar) and what position on the page. Is there a starred review associated with your name and, if there is, how many? Does the single sentence that grabs peoples attention have positive or negative statements or just facts about your company?

When searching for your company name specifically together with “review”, take note of how many positive reviews you read before any bad comments, they take a tally of how many good versus bad you have. Are there more good reviews than bad?

After this, go to your social media accounts to see what clients are saying. Are there people talking? Do they “follow” you or “like” your posts? Take a look through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and go to visit a site that monitors social media if you aren’t aware of all the options.

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The Ways I Can Help

Once you have followed the above steps you will have an idea when 1/3 or more of your reviews show your service to be poor, expensive pricing, defective products, or something else that is not meeting customers expectations. You will be aware you have an issue if you have no reputation online to speak of. There is no chatter about you all. This is where I can help you using my Wellington SEO Guy’s services being an online reputation management expert.

We can talk about the myriad ways to make your internet status better. Take me on as a consultant and do the work in-house yourself or make use of my specialties to improve your rankings in addition to carrying on with your regular job. A platform to definitely utilise is social media to help you.

Social Media

We have discussed this previously on another page on this website, however, it is worth repeating. Being a campaign that excites people. Inspire new interest by giving something customers want: coupons, prizes, free services and products. Inform consumers how worthwhile their company is. Being a campaign on Facebook such that customers can enter the draw through “liking” your page, for free stuff, services, or an additional giveaway. Once a small amount of time has passed more consumers will being to make comments on your page, and as the comments come in, this will boost up your presence online.

With the increase in comments coming in, the everyday chatter will over time cause the bad reviews to be overtaken out a lot of which may in the distant past. It may be time to let potential customers find out how you have changed since the historic reviews were made; how you have made your business and services better since the complaints were made. A second chance should be given to everybody. It’s my role to ensure and let you know how this happens.

As your Wellington SEO Guy, I can also do the entire project for you: creating and looking after your complete campaign. With your unique needs and instructions, I will begin to be your online representative, giving comments and giving replies over social media. While looking after that aspect, additionally, I will make sure your content is abundant with SEO keywords that assist customers in coming across you online.


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