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Hi there, being an experienced SEO I will help you bring in a flood of new customers to your company if you select me as your search engine optimization expert. I have been in this industry for an extremely long time and am confident in my skill set, in contrast to the many unpracticed businesses that currently provide search engine optimization services.

It is possible you may be thinking that I sound a little arrogant when I say that I am confident in my skill set. There is a basis for this statement. I didn’t at the spur of the moment just come up with the idea that I was going to begin taking on the entire search marketing industry, and put out a little ad to present myself to the world. If you would like information about the basics of SEO a really good article on the topic is here, so that you get a feel for what sort of things are involved and the type of work that is done.

It is the opposite. I perfected my understanding – similar to how you were required to learn the business that you do. I cultivated my learning, and practiced, through tests and keeping records of all the tasks I did, along with what rankings I achieved, for a period of time that extended many years before I took on other companies. I do not test with company’s precious money. I use time tested strategies.

That does not mean that I don’t modify and renew my methods and strategies in the process. I definitely do and is an essential requirement as the internet is ever changing.

As the changes rapidly, it’s imperative that you put your online marketing to a person who understands what they are selling or you will end up just damaging your online properties through time, which will end up damaging your business down the line.


As I previously spoke about, I have been practicing as a Wellington SEO Guy for a very long time and worked alongside multi-million dollar companies to improve their business through SEO.

In addition to having worked with multi-million dollar companies… I have also been employed by search engine optimization agency’s closely for complete work when they had an overflow of work for the clients.

It is often shocking to me how much these companies do not know. They are poor at SEO, they are often time just competent at outreach and selling clients (such that they will get you to sign on with them, but not achieve any results).

I am not saying that to alienate anyone. They may have excellent skills in things like code, and web design, as an example, however, that is only a small portion of an online campaign. They may genuinely be of the mind that they are doing the full extent of what is required, not having grasped the other facets of this business.

One agency of interest that brought to in mentioned that they had “optimized” the keywords the customer was after into the websites into the text, and correctly into the metadata, within the posts and pages.

I inquired, “Alright, what other optimization did you perform?” They had a confused look on their faces as if they had misunderstood my question. I further inquired, “Did you use only those keywords? Or to you distribute throughout latent semantic terms or synonyms? Did you use words that were of similar type and put them in of course into the <h1>, <h2>, <h3> tags? Did you link the pages within the site together that were related? Did you acquire accounts on Foursquare and Yelp? What Social Media properties do they have?”

I asked extensively about tasks like those – a lot of which you’ll hear about in other parts of this site. They said that they don’t go into that much detail as they were fully confident in how to do that. Take a read a few articles at Search Engine Land so that you get a dynamic nature of the SEO industry.

Well, that’s a part of what I am saying when I say that the bigger firms don’t in all cases keep up to date in regards to the best practices in so far as improving the customer with their online marketing. In their eyes, after this, they were going to basically get some Pay per Click running and cross their fingers. This, of course, would be costing the client more money and may or may not be helpful.

And mentioning revenue that brings us to the matter of pricing.


This is one of the top questions I get asked and comes along with this type of business. I provide a large array of options, so a short answer is it depends. It is important to me to never throw out a number without talking with you about your unique requirements. What is your overall goal? Are you simply wanting a site that is newer and looks great on mobile devices (incidentally you must be looking for, it is essential in today’s world to have a site that looks great on mobile and tablet, but in addition has the correct functionality so that people who visit your site have a fantastic experience). Therefore, making your website to function on mobile will be a particular price.

On top of that, maybe you would like a person to begin and look over your social media marketing. This is not critical for every business, but a most require it. As an example, let’s say you have a café on the corner and you desire to capture more business at lunchtime, it may be a good idea to have a page on Facebook which offers weekly lunchtime special coupons. I can surely get that started, and possibly assist you to upkeep it in the short or long term.

How about if you have a business which sells products online? It could be the case that you’re online sales are not as many as you like. You could have the correct inventory, at a solid, fair price. However, the business you thought you should get just isn’t there. I have an analysis deal where I can first ascertain where your e-commerce business is found in the big search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Google), and for which keywords.

For example, it is possible you think that when customers are searching for “green amazing do dah machine,” your website is likely a good candidate for the top spots. This is agitating to you and you want to assist you. My research will bring out where your website is not done right, and why. There are methods to set up at any stage in the process that can help. Initially, we must analyse to find the problem, and from there we can rectify it. That could be the single task you want me to perform for you, and that’s OK.

I recently wanted to control the whole first page for a specific term, so I got that done for myself. Take a look at the image below that shows what I mean. Then, take a look further below the image for more about this:

example rankings

You can see that my company owns the top 4 spots for my main keyword, and this is not rare for me to accomplish, it simply is dependent upon what your requirements are.

As previously mentioned, there is much more that I can do in the future. We can get to know your particular requirements when we meet. On top of getting your site(s) into a prominent position in the search engines, I can also optimize and make YouTube videos which will give a huge amount of value to your incoming customers, make and look after those Facebook pages which I spoke about earlier, get your Twitter set up and moving, Instagram, and Pinterest if those are in line with your business, and a bunch more.

As well as, I can do web design, manage your reputation, PPC and SEO analysis of your existing sites, Social Media Management, and any other way you want to bring in traffic.

Next Steps? Get in Touch

To move forward get in touch via e-mail or call me for Wellington SEO services (or all around the world). It’s imperative that you get your SEO work completed by a person such as myself who is an expert at what they do, or you are simply going to be running in circles. Stay away from the bigger firms so that you don’t get sucked in by their sales tactics and give you mediocre results if any at all.

I say that I can assist you regardless of where you are in the world. That’s one of the beauties of this industry! We can meet on Skype, individual webinars – similar to conference calls as well as via phone an email. A part of my service which my clients love and look forward to is our update monthly webinars in which we swap computer screens with each other. For my clients which are in the local area, we do organize to meet in person, though after a few meeting, they are also good with meeting online as it saves a lot of time and time is money, so using online tools will assist us to save both!

And keep in mind, I am content to work on your CURRENT website – but remember I will need to conduct an initial audit that I talked about previously that make sure that there has not been any damage which cannot be undone by any earlier work that was done on your website, alternatively I can overwrite your current set up by creating you a brand new one, and then do work on ascending to the top! Again, there is a lot of techniques guys like me have in our “arsenal.”

Allow to see how I can be of assistance.

Allow me to be your “guy” for SEO in Wellington in order that you can get your business out there in the way that it deserves. I look forward to working with you!

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